What is ComPay?

ComPay is an easy and secure online money transfer from your own bank’s digital banking channel.
Please click here to view ComPay’s short introductory video.

Online shopping with payment through your own bank

  • Select ComPay

  • Select your bank

  • Pay securely

Partnered Banks

All online banking customers of partnered banks can make payments easily and securely.

Where is ComPay accepted?

We are adding new online merchants everyday. You can see the current list of merchants that accept ComPay here.



Complate transactions with your bank’s secure internet platform.


No need to enter recipient’s name, IBAN number, payment amount.

No membership

All you need is to have an online banking account.

Available 7/24

There is no transaction time limitation.


You order is completed instantly, shipment are faster.

Peace of mind

You can be sure your payment is transferred to the correct account.

Compay Solution for E-Commerce

Compay is a unique way for online merchants to offer an additional payment method to their customers.


Higher sales

You can sell more by reaching new customers.

Instant money transfer

The payment goes to your account instantly.

High conversion rate

Ease of use higher sales conversion rate.

Technical support

Around to clock phone support whenever you have technical issues.

Easy integration

You can connect to all banks with an easy integration.

Low cost

Low operations cost due to automated processes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ComPay secure?

Yes. Paying with ComPay is as safe as you using your bank’s online banking platform. ComPay and the merchant do not have access to your personal or financial information. Therefore, we do not save your information. You complete the transaction on your own bank’s secure page.

Why pay with ComPay?

ComPay is a great solution for people who don’t prefer to use a credit card for online payments.
Benefits of choosing ComPay:

Secure: ComPay connects you to your bank during your payment process. You finish the transaction at your bank’s secure platform.

Easy: No registration or new membership is required. You can easily make payments simply by logging into your online banking account. You do not need to write the recipient’s name, amount, IBAN/Swift number, comments etc. ComPay automatically fills these fields for you.

Peace of mind: ComPay removes the risk of sending a payment to a wrong account. You can feel good knowing your payment has been successfully transferred.

Saves time: Payment transfer with ComPay is very fast. Complete the transaction in three easy steps and you are done!

Do I need to register to pay with ComPay?

ComPay makes your life easier. You do not need to add another user name/password to your life. All you need is to login to your bank’s online banking platform when you pay with ComPay.

Do you have special pricing for non-profit organizations?

Yes, we have special pricing for non-profit organizations. Please contact us by clicking the link.

Can I use ComPay with smartphones and tablet PCs?

Yes. You can choose ComPay as your payment method when shopping from your smartphone or tablet PC. Payment steps and screens are designed to work with PCs, smartphones and tablet PCs.

I used ComPay for a payment to a merchant. How can I confirm my payment was successful?

You will see a payment confirmation screen on your bank’s page. You will also be able to see the payment in your bank’s account summary.

Please let us know if your favorite online merchant or
bank is not yet available on ComPay. Click here to give us your suggestions.

About Us

ComPay is an innovative service solutions company headquartered in İstanbul, Turkey. We aim to integrate banking products and services with online merchants in the most effective way. ComPay offers an easy-to-integrate solution to achieve streamlined usage of banking products and services for online shopping.Our innovative management team combines professional experiences from various sectors. Below you can learn more about the founding members.

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